Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Newest Venture

maRam Agency is a multi-faceted source for trendy, fashion-foward and name brand international imports. maRam Agency was founded to bring to the fore emerging and established designers to the smaller modern-day market. The brands that we currently represent in our New York showroom connects fashion brands to global stores, boutiques and other outlets.

maRam is a very diversified company in the fashion industry. We partner with many designers, leading domestic and international marketers and media networks to offer their merchandises and services to their clients.

maRam is committed to providing the best qualities in fashion. Our partners include many of the world's famous brands and fashion designers.

maRam's areas of expertise include:

* Fashion Brand distribution across multiple outlets and,
* Client representation

**We are the exclusive distributor for Kofi Collection and Ralph Leroy!

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