Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fadwa Baruni launched her Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Fadwa Baruni launched her Spring/Summer 2011 collection at Moda Las Vegas tradeshow this
past week and the collection will be also be exhibited at Prêt-à-Porter in Paris, France.

This collection introduces colors for the first time in a bold way. Baruni is known for its classic black and white ensembles which have been its trademark since its launch in 2007. The collection uses mainly natural and breathable fabrics to create comfortable and sophisticated garments which defy categorization, suiting women from 18 to 80!

The bold faux animal prints which make up the colorful garments include fuchsia, green, and
turquoise. The new additions are presented in soft silk fabrics and the prints are trendy and
timeless at the same time. It’s been reported that the silk colored garments were a show-stopper at Moda Las Vegas. Since Animal prints are a status symbol in many cultures, they are also set to be a trendsetter for the Summer 2011 fashion season, Fadwa hit this one right on the nose. By mixing hot summer colors with animal prints Fadwa also brings fun and liveliness to her designs! The range includes simple and yet stylish evening dresses, white shirts coupled with trousers and skirts which can go from the office to a more casual night out with the right accessories.

“This collection is the next step in the evolution of my ideas for the brand. I know what I want in
clothes for different occasions and I design and wear my own garments to make sure that they are really comfortable as well as maintaining their fit and look all day and night. The typical Baruni customer is a woman who is fully engaged with life – characteristically elegant and classy and also sexy and comfortable in her own skin. I have already started working on the Fall/Winter 2011 collection and I am developing the design ideas from this collection to take the new one to the next level.” said Fadwa Baruni, the designer behind the brand.

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