Monday, October 27, 2008

The Luxaholic Mum on a Budget

Lela Rose for Payless Quincy Dorsay Bow Pump

October 21

The Luxaholic Mum on a Budget

Inexpensively luxurious!

This blog is about looking like a million bucks on a budget. I'm a stay-at-home mom. Therefore expensive fashions are last on my list but since I love to look my best at all times; I found an alternative.

Motherhood doesn't mean that you have to live without some fashionable clothes in your closet. As a new mum and a wife with a car note and a mortgage, it's not always easy to maintain a lifestyle remotely close to the one that I lived as a single woman or even as a newlywed before all the bills. Since mothers are notorious for finding the best deals on baby items so why not apply my skills to finding the best deals in fashion and share them with luxxaholic mummies out there.

I love luxurious items. So, I search the web for all the best deals that I can find. Some people like knock-offs. I am not a fan! I like the real deal for the lowest price possible. I also love when high-fashion designers sell trendy clothes and accessories for the everyday women at "low-end" retailers for a "low-end" price. Another love of mine is stores like H & M, Marshall's, TGMaxx. I bought this wonderful Juicy Couture dress @ Marshall's for $99; 2 months earlier it was at Bloomies for $200. Need I say more? I am always surfing the net or "raiding" my favorite shopping stops for the best deals. (While pushing my baby in his Bugaboo Cameleon that I paid $600 for instead of $800. (email me at if you need to know how I did it! :). It was just sweet!)

Check this out: the pumps below cost $35 @ Payless. They are Lela Rose's! I bought them a few months ago and built my outfit around them. The heels are covered with a beautiful Satin-like material. These shoes are comfortable!

Pair them with these Ralph Lauren leather gloves for only $50

I love my high heels; and comfort is at the forefront of my inner stylista. If you have a love affair with shoes; well check out these pumps that I found for $79.99 on against those embellished heel ones by Giuseppe Zanotti for $795.

Beauty Pump - Gold

Giuseppe Zanotti Embellished heel pumps

If you're into the preppy look like I am. This RL Jockey hat is a must-have for $78:) How could you not?!

Since I am preppy, Ralph Lauren fills up my closet and my son's. (My hubby is a classic man!) As you know by now, I am on a budget so I shop their sale items @ Marshall's and sometimes Macy*s, of course on sale and with coupons :)

Check out this little outfit below. The sweater is cashmere so the ensemble will probably run up to $1500. But if you visit my friends over at Marshall's, you can get the entire outfit including the pants for under $200.

For this Fall, another popular trends is the sweater dress. H & M has a multicolor one that I like a lot for only $35. (Sorry no pic!)

In this recession, mothers have to do what they need to do to take care of their families and I will be sharing all my findings with you. Stay afloat! Stay beautiful! And I'll see you tomorrow. Good night divas!

Maggie Hackett

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