Monday, October 27, 2008

Women's never-ending love affair with shoes

I love Christian Dior! I also have a thing for embellished heels. (If you have not yet noticed!) These shoes below are just it. I would wear Dior everyday of the week if I could. Since I can't; I go for the Dior inspired items at a price that I can afford.

Dior $780.00

BCBG Max Azria Jewel $250.00

How beautiful are these shoes?! Great substitute for the Dior

BCBG (Darleen) $80.00

Versace $ 780.00

How bananas are these shoes? But the hefty price tag of $780 will make any diva think twice in this economy.

The gladiator styles are almost out anyway in my opinion but if you are still into them. Here's a substitute.

Chines Laundry $68.00

BCBG (Chelsea) $109.00

Gucci $675.00

BCBG (Malaya) $117.00

I'm Gucci & Dior love child but I happen to like the BCBG look-alike better!


Stay afloat, stay beautiful! Good night divas,

Maggie N. Hackett

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