Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dressy Sweater!

The Sweater Dress

When I was carrying my son; I wanted to be comfortable without sacrificing a great look. My favorite dresses were my sweater dresses. Not only are they comfy and warm they can also be stylish!

Here's The Teresa Sweater dress by Marc Jacobs for $430.00

Teresa Sweater Dress

Here's a great alternative to the Marc Jacobs' from Victoria's secret for only $98.00!

The Elayna is a great alternative when you are on a budget.

Elayna Sweater Dress

This Elayna Sweater Dress for just $39.50 at Delia's if the recession is hitting really hard on your door :)

I love this one from Victoria Secret for $88.00

Abigail Sweater Dress The Abigail Sweater dress for only $39.50 at Delia's

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