Monday, October 27, 2008

Vested Interest

We can all feel the cold front moving in the eastern part of the country slowly but surely. Although I am originally from the tropics; I love the cold. I love the snow and I love, love, love Winter fashion.

One beautiful trend that seem to reinvent itself over and over is the little vest. There's a vest for everyone in the family even the infants and our furry little friends. Another great aspect of the vest is that you can wear it pretty much all year long! Isn't that fabulous or what?!

I have found some ridiculouly luxurious vests for your guys. Some of my wealthy divas will probably want at least a few in their closets but for the rest of us; well, you know I got your backs :)

According to Elle Magazine : "A sleeveless vest is Fall's statement jacket, a chic piece that works from day to evening."
This vest below is by Andrew Gn. This is the look of the NYC fashionistas. It's very easy to achieve on a low budget.

Whereas this one from Forever 21 Department Store for only $29.99

Check out this cool corduroy vest also from Sophistix for only $17.50

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