Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mini or Maxi? That's the question

Hi all!

Aren't you glad that you are part of this generation? The fashion styles are so forgiving for all body types. And we, all fashionistaz and luxaholix on a budget, are loving it!!!!

Check this out! You know how all big, mid and not-so-well known designers are making those beautiful little baby doll dresses that we all adore? Well, maxis are not a 70's thing of the past. They are from the past but they have been revamped, renewed and refreshed by those designers so that fashionistas of all ages can enjoy parading in them.

Well, we found this website that carries the latest fashion for under $100!!!! Yes, you heard right. Under $100 buckaroos!!!! It's called Lulu's

We've selected a few items to give you an idea of what to expect and since we are talking about the beloved maxis. Here are a few samples to quench your thirst :)





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