Wednesday, November 26, 2008

When it comes to fashion I don't sugarCOAT it!

It's getting pretty cold across the nation and quite frankly we have to bundle up. I love the cold weather! I love the snow. I love winter fashion. I love dressing up and the cold is the perfect reason to stay dressed up all the time. That being said, what looks good on me may not have the same effect on you only because of differences in our body shape, our hair style, our height, and believe it or not; the way that we carry ourselves has a lot to do with how we look in our clothes. Don't you hate it when . Last year O Magazine wrote an entire article entitled "The Right Coat for your body". Here's a sample of what they featured in that article.

If you want to:
Soften your curvaciousness!

Make you hips disappear (Pear shape women can rock this as well)

Look taller (This is my favorite! Works for my body type too!)

show less waist, stronger shoulders for our pear shape friends!

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