Friday, December 5, 2008

The Luxaholic Bride on a Budget!

I received a very interesting email today that just made my day. You know sometimes, you get so much junk in your inbox that you just go on a "delete rampage" without mercy. Well, today was one of those days until I saw this email from this young lady named Kelli. At first, I thought that was one the two Kelly's that I know. So I opened the email entitled "Our one dollar wedding". There was a website attached to it. So I proceeded to check it out to see what it was all about. As I'm reading her story, I felt compelled to do something a little better than just donate $1.00 to her wedding. I proceeded to send her an email to offer her some promotional make-overs for her bridal party in NY, NJ; and I decided to, also, offer her a few words of advice from the Bible. She was very gracious to accept. She promised to feature my website on her website and I promised to donate to her cause.

But, you may wonder what that has to do with my blog. Well, let's not forget that this blog is named The Luxaholic Mum on a Budget. Clearly Kelli is on a tight budget. But she still wants her dream wedding. What could possibly be wrong with that? We are in a recession, well the world is in a recession. Times are tough! No one can afford anything anymore. Should that stop her from having her dream wedding. In this day and age, technology makes it possible to reach millions of people with one single click.

America just elected its first Black President; mainly because Obama's campaign manager had the foresight of using the internet to reach the people that the Obama camp could not have otherwise reached. Well, why can't Kelli and her beau have their dream wedding? All it takes is for her message to reach a few thousand of people willing to donate $1.00! We've donated to so many useless causes. Sometimes we donate to a charity that we don't know anything about or the money never reach the cause that it was intended to.

These young people are doing the right thing here. Kelli is not another statistic. Not another young black single mother! She's getting married! Let's help her have her dream wedding.

I don't know Kelli nor do I know her fiance. I just love her hussle. As I told her, I wish I had thought about it :). Let's come together and help those two young and educated people out.

Click here to be directed to her website and read her story for yourself. Don't forget to donate. All it takes is $1.00


Wendell said...


Well I have known Kelli for some time [the friend held in captivity until the site was complete] and she is definitely a go-getter and has no problem thinking outside the box to get her hustle on!

Kelli was so determine to launch this site, that in the matter of a few weeks she learned Dreamweaver and Photoshop while bribing me with dinner to help her.

What Kelli has already accomplished should be an example to any WOMAN on how think practical about paying for their dream wedding one dollar at a time by harnessing the power of the internet.

Maggie said...

Thanks Wendell! I must commend you also on being a true friend to Kelli and supporting her idea!