Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Great looks start with great skin care

Most women love to look their best. Often times they'll go out of their way to do so. Hence the growing number of Botox and all the other - more extreme - surgical procedures.

There are many articles that refer to the #1 brand in skin care. Most of us at one point have been to at least one of their parties and have probably tried their free products. I must say that I am a fan of that miraculous skin care regimen. I like it so much that I got most of my friends to use it as well. By now you have probably guessed what I'm talking about!

Mary Kay has been the #1 in skin care products for 14 consecutive years. Now that's cause for applause. Their new compact has been featured on The Tyra Banks Show. And as a proud owner of that compact, I must say that not only it's a very elegant case to sport in your bag but also it's very practical. If you only need to retouch or just pretty up your eyes; well, the Compact is all that you need. But if you do full make up; they have the Compact Pro for only $35.00 and you can store, you pressed powder, your eyeliner, you lip liner, you lip gloss/stick, your eye colors, you cheek colors and your finishers and not to forget their Ultimate Mascara.... Love it!!! As a woman with almost no lashes; I used to put on extension lashes. Well, guess what? When it's time to take them out; the little bit of follicules that I had stayed on the fake ones. Needless to say that I was pretty much frustrated. And then, I got acquainted to Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara!!!!!!!! Ta da! Now my eyelashes are long and full and I love it!!! Can't ask for a better gift than that.

Their eye colors can give you a classic or a natural and even a dramatic look. If you visit their website; you'll be able to upload your own picture in the Virtual Makeover; add colors to your photo; even change your hair style :)

Here's a Plastic Surgeon's view on Mary Kay Cosmetics:

Cindy Williams, Area Director, invited a doctor from the Houston area to speak about Mary Kay products at the Houston Leadership Conference. He is a Harvard graduate, former scientist with NASA and has artificially reproduced the dermis (layer of skin). He is now a world renown plastic surgeon and his wife is a Mary Kay Sales Director. When he first discovered Mary Kay, he told his wife "she had better join or find someone as wonderful as she so he could refer his patients to her". His findings were: Mary Kay is the BEST skincare bar none!!!

1. Only comprehensive antiaging skin care regimen program on the market for men

2. Only comprehensive antiaging skin care program on the market for women

3. Only evidence based medical research on skin care using random people & using test panels

4. Time Wise Moisturizer is the only moisturizer with 8 different moisturizers and 8 different amino acids (Vit E antioxidents, etc)

As a Daily skin care regimen, he recommends Time Wise 3-in-1 Cleanser Microdermabrasion (use at least 1x per week and can be used daily if skin is oily) Day Solution Even Complexion Essence - also use on throat, chest and hands. Eye Revitalizer (optional)Eye Firming Cream - also use on throat and hands. Time Wise Moisturizer Night time - Night solution in place of Day Solution and use either Intense Moisturizer or Oil Free Hydrating Gel after Time Wise Moistuizer.

"The only real security is working for yourself." NSD Jan Thetford "Your Future is in GREAT hands -- YOUR hands." NSD Barbara Sunden
Visit Mary Kay's Website if you'd like to try their products for free; or if you want to sell Mary Kay.

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