Friday, December 19, 2008

This winter don't fall FLAT on your face in the snow!

This morning I woke up to what most people consider bad weather. To me, it's wintertime it's supposed to snow. I love the snow; especially when I don't have to drive in it! It's all white every where you look and it's a beautiful scenery. Did I tell you that my wedding theme was Winter Wonderland? Unfortunately, it didn't snow and the weather warmed up to 68 degrees in December? Can you believe it? Any way, some divas pulled out their fur coats and made their entrance. hahaha! Well, as the main diva of the day; I wasn't mad at them. I encouraged them to do their thing but you know, this luxaholic can never be outdone!

Ok enough about me. We all know by now that I love the Wintertime. But what about Winter fashion. Today, shoe lovers, I know all Manolo Bhlaniks are hidden in the upper part of the closet and for the big divas with shoe closets (we do have some amongst us!) I know they are in the inner chamber of the house, the sanctuary!

It's time to pull out the Flat knee-high boots. If you don't have one yet; it's not too late. While sliding and almost-falling run to the mall and get a pair asap. Or if you are like me; you may sit behind your Dell and order a nice pair and watch out for that UPS truck while tracking your order online every 2 hours. Yes, that's what I do.

Here are a few suggestions under $100 at

The Rocker Mum

The western chic mum

The Punk Rock Mum

The Winter Sport Mum

The Comfortably Preggers Mum

The European Mum

The Hip-Hop Mum

The New York City mum or the Luxaholic Mum..... i.e,

The Sarah Palin-type of mum :) These boots have an Alaskan feel to them!

The Los Angeles mum (They actually wear those with shorts in California and I thought we were weird in Long Island wearing flip flops in the winter, go figure!)

The Wannabe Beyonce Mum

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