Friday, January 16, 2009

H & M 2009 Spring/Summer Fashion Video

Seven more weeks until Springtime! As much as I love the cold weather, Spring is exactly what we, Recessionistas/Luxaholics on a budget, are anxiously awaiting to show off our pedicured toes in gorgeous sandals, reveal smoothly shaved legs and bare our tone arms that we've been working on all winter long. Well, if we are not yet to the level that we want, we still have time. ff you are like me with seasonal allergies, you may be dreading this upcoming time where all the flowers will be blooming and you will be on the watch for the pollen level as soon as you are close to a computer or a television set. But it's still a much needed break from the slippery roads and the chilly nights. And as much as I love winter fashion; I am looking forward to what 2009 will bring to the Luxaholics.

No other stores provide for the Recessionistas or Luxaholix on a budget what H & M does. I like H & M for 2 valid reasons: when we were engaged my hubby and I used to do everything with these 2 letters, H for Hugh and M for Maggie, cute huh?! I know :) Also the European style of te clothes. For my body type, European cuts look better on me. And besides how can you do without that store during the Spring/Summer months. It's a one-stop shopping trip for la familia.

H & M is to American Recessionistas what Zara is to the Europeans. We love everything H & M in mi casa. For those of you, non-Luxaholics, who haven't been in there; it's a European store with, of course, a Euopean flair to it.

Side note: For those of you who have ben in the store, don't you feel like, or should I say, don't you find yourself speaking with a European accent?! I speak French fluently so I always catch myself speaking with a straight French accent when I'm in H & M; when normally I have a French-Caribbean accent. It's probably just me; but still hilarious.

For now, stay afloat! Stay beautiful! And I'll be back soon with more goodies. Good night divas! Magalie Hackett

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