Monday, January 12, 2009

To BOW or not to BOW

One of my subscribers mentioned to me that Stuart Wietzman made a pair of shoes that look just like a pair of Payless shoes that we have featured on the Luxaholic mum blog. I had to see it for myself and bring it to you all.

Mind you, this is a $325.00 pair of shoes. And they are bananas! Wietzman have some of the most comfortable shoes you could ever own. They are almost true to size which makes buying online a breeze. And I likey! If you can afford them; well go for it.

But let's get reat! This is a recession and Luxaholics or not, everyone is trying at least to be frugal; to curb their shoe addiction even if it's just a tad. That's why this blog was created. To find you the alternative :)
For all our recessionistas out there; a whopping 35.00 can give you the same look (or close to it) at Payless. I own a pair of those and I must say that they are quite comfortable and stylish.
Let's break it down for a minute. They are both D'orsay style pumps which we like on the blog; the color is to "dye" for; the first shoe is covered with real silk; but the second one is with a silk-like material. Basically, you get what you paid for. Whether you're into bows or flowers well that's up to you. As for me, I would prefer a bow on the first shoe for the cheaper price :) How fantabulux would that be?!

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Ms. Silky Coils said...

Girl I am a shoe a holic! These are hot...but who has time for that high price! Lol. Keep the suggestions coming....and thanks for subscribing.