Friday, January 2, 2009

Taking my HAT off to all the recessionistas!

A new word has been created in the fashion world..... recessionista! It's just another word for luxaholic on a budget. Hey! We are in a recession and women have been known to skip a meal in order to look good! I love a great look and will go over my budget twice in order to fit it in sometimes.

But who is the biggest recessionista of us all??? It has to be Michelle Obama! Listen, the woman is a lawyer, married to a lawyer now President-elect, Barack Obama. I am sure that she can afford a little more than J. Crew to go on Leno. Instead, she was rocking a beautiful ensemble for a total of 140.00 including her shoes. Not that's a recessionista on overdrive!

I haven't seen Michelle wear hats before; at least not that I can recall. But she always rocks the best blow out that I don't think a hat is necessary for her. Her hair is never weigh down with products; she always has the perfect bounce and a healthy shine. Not greasy! Besides her long legs, her uncanny wit and her gorgeous arm candy ;)......... I think that her hair is her best asset.

But if she wants to keep warm in Washington while taking little Malia and Sasha to school. She might want to consider our blog for some tips... LOL... Yes, I think that we are getting a little bit ahead of ourselves here but hey you never know. Maybe... someday... a girl can always dream, I think. And for the rest of us who want to bundle up; let's do it in style while staying within our budget. Shall we?

Check out Anthropologie for great hats under $40.00

Here are 3 of my favorites: the Beret, the Roun-of-Cloche and the Margeaux

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